Can’t Build Me I’m The Gingerbread House (in a box)!

Can I just eat it and not build it? Eat my house mofo!

Skip the mixing, the rolling pin, the cookie cutter, the oven and the baking and just open the box and EAT the damned crap!

Gingerbread Cottage Cheese!!Yes, nothing goes better with the spicy, sweet flavor of gingerbread than a candy that is so sour it makes you gag and pucker!!

Nerdy Sweet Sour Tart Candy Rotten Teeth Sugar Rush

This sour patch kid looks pissed off because he’s been stuck to the side of a house.

I live in a house sandwiched between two chocolate cookies with cream

Oreo household

Includes Oreo cookies!?! I had NO idea!!!

Conserve Energy By Crushing Lightbulbs

Someone selected the wrong stock graphic for this pipe insulation utility truck.

We Can Read Your Mind And You Need Pipes Covered

Maybe they’re saying, if you put lightbulbs into these gears we can crush and pulverize them and that will save you energy because you won’t have lightbulbs anymore.

Crush Lightbulbs In Gears
image courtesy of New Age Images of Heads